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The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain Analysis

Langston Hughes’s The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain Essay Abstract This paper covers the black American artist called Langston Hughes. He was an American novelist, columnist, poet, and playwright. He was among the earliest innovators of the new literary art form referred to as Jazz poetry. Hughes wrote several poems and books that brought…

Poem Analysis ”How Still, How Happy” by Emily Bronte

Analysis of How Still, How Happy Structure The poem has eight stanzas. Each stanza has four lines. The poem lacks instinctive grandeur and simplicity of style. Language Like most of her poems, the language in this poem is condensed, elaborated, and refined. The poem has diction carefully chosen to reflect the condition of the weather….

Sherlock Holmes and Gender Aspects

Sherlock Holmes and Gender Aspects The stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle offer an interesting insight into the spirit of the Victorian epoch as well as the personal outlook of women on violent crime. It should be admitted that Victorian society was not ready to agree with the idea that a woman could be…

The Velveteen Rabbit: Children’s Benefits from Reading

The Velveteen Rabbit Analysis Understanding the Heritage of Their Own and Other Cultures Literature helps children understand and realize their traditions awakening their interest in other cultures. For example, The Velveteen Rabbit begins with the description of Christmas morning, Williams mentions such important attributes of the traditional Christmas as stockings, tissue paper, and a great…