E-Business Essay

E-business refers to the exchange of information and business transactions through an electronic medium, e-business includes companies that use the internet only as a medium of transaction, as well as companies that use the internet and old formats of business transactions e-business also consists of companies that research customers preferences, the information is then given to the interested parties through the internet. E-business involves buying goods and services online. ( Robertson 1998)

Several companies use e-business in their day-to-day business; these include Marks & Spencer, Argos, Tesco, and John Lewis. Other companies that use e-business include; Saab, a company that deals with the selling of motor vehicles, before a customer visits a showroom, one can visit the company’s website, and get information that will enable him or her to make an informed decision. Another company that utilizes the e-business is Amazon Company, through the use of its website; a person can search for a book or c d of choice.

A person is required to have an account, through which information is given. These companies allow their customers to purchase online. When using B2C technology it is essential to consider several factors, like the cost of the technology. Also to consider is the impact of technology on the business. The design of the business should be informative and attractive. The marketing strategy should be well-planned to meet the company’s goals.

There are several B2C technologies, these include automatic ticketing, chip and pin technology, credit card transactions, and electronic ticketing. B2B technologies enable organizations to business intelligence. This involves the use of systems that monitor the use of resources in an organization. For instance, a warehousing system ensures the effective utilization of resources. Other examples of B2B technology include the use of SSAS and SSRS, dashboards, and reports. B2B technologies enhance the way information is used in a business. ( William 2004)

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