Converse Shoes Advertisement

Insinuating a product in media is an advertisement. Moreover, captivating consumer interest is the utmost aim of advertisement. There are several advertisement mediums, but print media offer a large canvas to advocate products to customers. Furthermore, print media provide the complete potential of demonstration to the advertisers. Therefore, both medium and manifestation matter in the advertisement. This paper is going to evaluate the advertisement for “Converse shoes.”

The Selected Converse Shoe Advertisement

The selected advertisement of the Converse brand presents the variety, colors, style, and elements of enjoyment on its edge. At the same time, this advertisement covers the target audience on a large scale.
By examining the ad, the variety of shoes in the Converse advertisement caters to various audiences. So, it would not be wrong to say that this ad shoot has targeted more than one target. Yet, on the other hand, each shoe’s color and style demonstrate different tastes for different audiences. The element of enjoyment in the eyes and acts of the boy is pride in the high brand and stylish shoes which keys to wear.

In addition, the sentence written on yellow paper, “Every artist needs his canvas,” makes it obvious that the brand’s audience caters to its canvas. And Converse is highly motivated to provide the exact canvas to each audience segment.

At the end of this essay, it has been concluded that demonstration is a vital element in advertisement. And, if it is a printed advertisement, the appropriate demonstration themes make it more viable. From now on, it has been determined with the analysis of the selected advertisement that the crafty and themed appearance of products in media denotes the appealing advertisement. And, if the product’s craft is being made by understanding the audience approach, it makes the product viable and profitable.

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