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Should Abortion be Allowed

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Abortion is the intentional annihilation of human pregnancy by slaughtering the embryo or the fetus in a woman’s uterus. It involves killing of a naive, unborn creature. Some nations banned abortion, while others allow it in certain inevitable circumstances. Killing a fetus, which has life, is both unbiblical and unethical. In this regard, abortion should not be allowed.

Abortion Should be Allowed

Societies where abortion is legalized usually look at various circumstances under which the action should be taken. To begin with, abortion should be permitted to cater for the mother’s wellbeing. For instance, when the mother is mentally ill and is unable to carry the pregnancy, or when the illness can affect the life of the fetus, it should be terminated. In this regard, the unborn child is seen to have an unacceptable quality of life, such as genetic form of psychological retardation. The mother can also choose not to bring children with stern and life threatening medical conditions, for example, physically handicapped kids. As a result, the mother cuts the cost of expenses she would have used to treat the baby after it has been born.

Some people argue that abortion should be allowed since it is used as a replacement for contraception or as a method of birth control - for example, in societies where contraceptives are not readily available, or if people experience side-effects when using contraceptives. Some governments use abortion as a method of regulating population size. They can also use it as a means of regulating clusters in a population and a mode of improving the populace. What if a mother gets pregnant as a result of rape? In this regard, abortion should be allowed, as the mother will suffer in future if she gives birth to a kid conceived from a crime.

Furthermore, abortion should be allowed due to social reasons like poverty, when the mother is not capable of coping with another kid, or when the mother is too immature to handle a child. This enables the mother to live a life she can afford. Another reason why abortion should be allowed is that the fetus is unable to feel pain when the abortion is being performed. Since personhood commences at the moment of delivery, and not conception, the baby will not be aborted, but only the pregnancy will be dealt away with. The safeness of the current contemporary abortion procedures is another argument in favor of abortion. When the abortion is done correctly, the death rates or the infertility levels are reduced. It is also safe because it is done by licensed medical doctors with super medical performances. These physicians have the power to make medicinal decisions concerning abortion.

Due to the economic and social reasons in some cultures, gender selection is practiced. For instance, when a parent wants to have a male child and she discovers the gender of the fetus in advance to be a female, she can choose to have an abortion, since the kid should not come unwanted. Another reason for legalizing abortion is the fact that it reduces crimes. Teenage girls, poor women, and unmarried women are liable to have unintentional pregnancies, and since unwanted children are frequently brought up in poverty, the probability that they will lead illegal lives in maturity increases. Therefore, when abortion is legalized, the crime rates are reduced in advance. Furthermore, abortion should be allowed because every potential mother constantly has a fundamental right to decide what is happening to her body. She also has the freedom of choice, i.e. whether to perform an abortion or not. Thus, abortion should be permitted officially.

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Abortion Should Not Be Allowed

While other people advocate for legalizing abortion, it is the most atrocious thing any female can probably do to a creatures’ dignity. It is the same as a murder, and the punishment given to a murderer should also be given to a person who has aborted a child. Abortion should not be permitted due to several reasons. First, it is a crime against life, and no woman has the right to slaughter a new living creature (Keown, 2002). Unborn children are living beings right from the inception. They also have fundamental rights to life, which must be cosseted.

Secondly, the sixth commandment of the Bible’s Old Testament discourages killing (Exodus 20, Revised Standard Version). Hence, abortion engages killing a living being, which is a violation of God’s commandment. In almost all religions, females are not allowed to have an abortion, and if they defy, their religions punish them. For instance, women cannot take Holy Communion after having an abortion; they must do various things as a way of contrition for them before they are allowed to take the communion again. For this reason, women should not have abortions.

The Bible considers an unborn child to be a human being, and just like every living being, it has all the rights to live. The Bible states clearly that life begins at the moment of conception. It refers to Jesus as a ‘Child’ while in his mother’s womb (Matthew 1:23, Revised Standard Version). While those who argue in favor of legalization of abortion state that it is right to abort a child who otherwise might have suffered or lacked basic necessities, the lack of finances should not be a reason to perform abortion, since God is the provider of everything.

Abortion is a menace to the mother’s health. During abortion, a female can suffer from profuse bleeding, colossal abdominal infection, perforation of the uterus, and habitually necessitating hysterectomy. After the abortion, a woman can suffer miscarriages, still births, consequent tubal pregnancies, sterility, and shock (Araujo, 1993). There are also evidences which show that abortions can increase the likelihood of receiving breast cancer. Abortion may also lead to death, with the woman making her children orphans and her husband a widower. Therefore, abortion should not be allowed, no matter what.

Furthermore, abortion should not be allowed since it has psychological and emotional side-effects. For instance, women might feel regret, grief, shame, degradation, sense of worthlessness, and guilt. They might also have nightmares, nervousness, exhaustion, severe depression, and insomnia. After a woman has had an abortion, she will always think about the baby she might have had and its possible future. As a result of this, the woman might not have a good life, because her conscience will always remind her of what she had done (Araujo, 1993). Eventually, the woman might end up committing suicide. In addition, normal death does not subject individuals to much physical and psychological pain, as compared to the experience of the mothers who abort their babies (Fergusson, Horwood, Boden, 2008). This is because the mothers are not given a chance to mourn the death of their children and bury them. Mourning and burial help people to adjust psychologically to the incident. When not given this chance, they suffer from depression, guilt, and may even contemplate committing suicide.

Abortion should not be legalized, as it increases crime rates. Abortion itself is a crime, because it is a murder; therefore, more abortions will lead to more murders in society (Keown, 2002). Abortion gets rid of the potential communal contributions of a prospective living being. Our nations would have been completely different if the mothers of our heroes, scientists, athletes, great presidents, among others, had preferred abortion. For that reason abortion should not be allowed.

Abortion contributors are making cash rather than assisting their customers. They advocate for abortion in order to get more customers in the industry and get a lot of money. The industry of abortion generates a lot of money annually, since having an abortion is more costly and painful than giving birth (Keown, 2002). The patient will end up with little money and with health problems that may result in death. Adoption is always an option, given that there are numerous families who want to adopt children. Therefore, there are no unwanted children (Keown, 2002). The women should give birth, and if they are unable to take care of children, they should give them to families who want kids for adoption.

Finally, abortion should not be allowed since the fetus feels pain during the procedure (Keown, 2002). When the fetus is beyond twenty weeks of gestation, there might be some excruciating pain for him. To avoid unwanted pregnancies, women should use contraceptives, not abortion. Thus, it is an inhuman and immoral act, which should not be legalized.


Abortion should not be allowed, as it is both biblically and ethically wrong. In every society, every living being has a right to life, whether disabled or not, and this right must be protected. They should not be termed as “unwanted” and discriminated. Instead, they should be given a chance to explore life, just like the others. Since abortion is a murder, it should not be encouraged under any condition.

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