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Homo Ergaster and Homo Erectus

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  1. Discuss the morphologic variation that exists among Homo ergaster and Homo erectus in Africa and regions of Asia         

Homo erectus and Home ergaster are the immediate precursors of the modern man, Homo sapiens. It is believed that Homo ergaster’s origin is Africa. Homo ergaster gave rise to Homo erectus in Asia. Morphologically, Homo ergaster has a height of between 1.3 to 1.7 meters, has a robust physique consisting of skeleton of human, cranial volume of 750 to 1250 cc, discovered around 1.8 to 1.2 million years ago, is found in Africa and Asia, raised cranial vault, thinner cranial bone, no sagittal keel and some cranial base characteristics.

Homo erectus, on the other hand, has a height of 1.3 to 1.7 meters, a robust physique with human skeleton, cranial volume ranging between 750 to 1250 cc, was discovered in bout 1.8 to 0.1 million years ago, found in Africa, Asia, and Indonesia, has thick and flat skull whose occipital and brow ridge is large, and has larger jaws in adults (Brill).  

  1. How did the morphological variations come about?

These morphological variations came about after migration of the species out of Africa. After the migration, they became isolated reproductively, independently evolved, and developed varying characteristics. This enhanced the flow of genes among populations that are separated geographically and prevented speciation.

The difference in geographical regions between Africa and Asia also contributed to their morphological variation through natural selection and genetic drift (Johanson). The varying environmental conditions enabled them to develop morphological characteristics that enabled them to adapt to the then prevailing conditions. Those that could not cope up with the natural demands died while those that adapted to fit the conditions survived and evolved.  

  1. What are the traits of variation, that is, how is it exemplified in these species? 

The variations are evident in form of physical development and brain development. Physically, Homo erectus is seen to have a height of 1.3 to 1.7 meters, a robust physique, and a thick and flat skull whose occipital and brow ridge is large, with a brain development volume ranging between 750 to 1250 cc. The physical variations of Homo ergaster include a height of between 1.3 to 1.7 meters, robust physique, raised cranial vault, and thinner cranial bone with a brain development volume of 750 to 1250 cc.

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