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Research on iPhone 5

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IPhone 5 is the smartphone of the sixth generation of Apple. It caused a stir not only among fans of the “apple” products, but also among other smartphone users around the world. In this regard, analysts quickly raise the forecast for sales of the recently presented iPhone. The presentation of the iPhone 5 was on September 12 in San Francisco. According to analysts, 10 days after the beginning of sales, Apple Inc. will be able to sell more than 10 million gadgets. These figures will be a “record” for Apple.

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Apple is an American company that produces software, personal computers, music players and phones. It sells some of its products through its own stores, which are located in the U.S., Canada, UK, Japan and other countries.
The main points of this research are:
To find out the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 5;
To point the main features of the iPhone 5;
To investigate the iPhone 5 sales, estimate profits;
To make a survey among the users of the iPhone 5;
To make a conclusion on the result of the survey.

Launching of the iPhone 5

The Apple became successful after introducing the portable music players in the market. IPod became the best choice for the customers. 10 years later, a music player from Apple has not appeared, but even the success of iPod pales against the facts that iPhone grows fast, and it brings profit to the company.

IPod is the past decade. Now the key products of the Apple Company are iPhone and iPad. If the latter is only going to become a leader in the computer industry, the first has already taken the place of the best smartphone in the world. Of course, at this point, one can argue for a long time, but one has one compelling argument about which all arguments shatter. Profit that iPhone brings to the Apple is great, and today no other product of any competitors can achieve this level.

Value of the company and its financial resources grow most actively in recent years because of the change in the direction of the mobile production. The company is deservedly called the market leader of the mobile products. Of course, active work is being done in the direction of improving computers made by Apple. It can be proved by the last press conference. There were introduced the updated MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini. During 2012, the company managed to renovate the entire line of computers completely, which is really impressive.

However, the profit from sales of computers cannot be compared with the profit from the sale of super popular iPhone. Also, it turned out that quite problematic iPhone 5 is sold better than its predecessor iPhone 4S. There is a feeling that people are buying iPhone without thinking about problems that may be present while using the iPhone.

However, the sales of iPhone cannot be called stable. The experts have noticed the sharp jumps and dips. The market is very sensitive to changes in the actions of Apple for its smart phones.

The profit from smartphone sales Apple drops every time when the company is preparing to introduce the next version.
There is no secret that the cost of the same iPhone drops over time. A set of components in the smartphone gradually becomes cheaper. So, when every time Apple launches its new smartphone, the total value of its components and the total price is much higher.

Gradually, the sales of a new version smartphone are growing. As a result, the total price of components decreases and, consequently, the profit from one smartphone increases. This income reaches a peak at the time when interest to the smartphone is still on a high level and the cost of components is still minimal.

IPhone 4S is a good example of how the customer may lose interest in the product before updating it. In the financial report of Apple, the company has reported about an extremely low demand for iPhone. It was before launching of the iPhone 5. Analysts' expectations were not justified, because the company was able to sell only 26 million of iPhones. Despite the weakened interest to the phone, iPhone was the main generator of profits for Apple. Profits from sales of 26 million smartphones were 16 billion dollars. In comparison, profits from the sales of iPad in the third quarter amounted to $ 9 billion.

Today, people know that the iPhone 5 is very popular among the customers, but the price of its components is high and the profit from sales of the smartphone is not big enough.

Despite this, many experts are satisfied with the new iPhone. Observer Walt Mossberg (The Wall Street Journal) believes that the smartphone is “the best on the market”. He noted the next:
“I found the new iPhone screen much easier to hold and manipulate than its larger rivals and preferred it. In my view, Apple's approach makes the phone far more comfortable to use, especially one-handed. It is easier to carry in a pocket or purse and more natural-looking when held up to your face for a call.” (Fiegerman)
Stuart Miles, the observer of the Pocketlint said:
“It is comfortable in the hand, incredibly well-built and oozes quality. There is no whiff of cheap plastic or “fun” coloured polycarbonate, no awkward button placement, and no feeling that this is not a premium smartphone. All the parts just fit together beautifully. The display is not only bigger, but it is also a lot richer. The iPhone 5 has a display that delivers 44 % increased colour saturation over the iPhone 4S, and uses the sRGB colour gamut, the standard used by the web, photos, movies, computer monitors and HDTVs. As a result, colours really do look a lot, lot, better and noticeably richer even in direct sunlight. Apps zing out of the screen, movies are more vibrant, and even websites look crisper. It is a very nice screen indeed and again an instantly noticeable improvement over the iPhone 4S - we do not want to go back.” (Owens)

Problems of the iPhone 5

Since the beginning of sales of the iPhone 5, numerous users have identified the following challenges:

It has the display problems. Almost immediately after the start of sales, the users have been complaining about the flickering of the screen. It makes impossible to use the device. Users also complained about the presence of the so-called “bubble effect” in which the display is deformated from the touch (McCann ).

Its battery discharges rapid. According to some users, the smartphone battery loses 10-15% of the charge for an hour in the sleep mode. The problem is related to the new operating system iOS 6, and in the near future, it will be resolved through the release of patches (as was in the case with the iPhone 4S and iOS 5) (Savov ).

It has the spots in the photographs. On some photos near the bright light sources it can be seen the effect of purple fringing. According to users, it can be connected with sapphire glass, which is used to protect the camera lens from the damage. During video shooting, Apple workers advise to hold the device horizontally in the direction of the light source. According to the company, it is not a problem (Humphries ).

It has the problems of coverage. An aluminum composite frame can be scratched, particularly at the corners, and side edges of the device can be erased. Such problem is faced by the users who bought the device in black. The white iPhone 5 has not got such a problem. Apple’s vice president Phil Schiller said that the phenomenon is quite normal.

It has problems with Wi-Fi. Members also noted the problems with low transmission rates of Wi-Fi. The problem is solved, if you switch from WPA2 encryption to the less secure WEP in settings of the router (Tanous ).
IPhone 5 disappointed half of the consumers. Only 39% of respondents said that the new iPhone has surpassed their expectations.
Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 has a better design and performance characteristics then its predecessor, more than half of consumers surveyed said they are very disappointed.

According to a survey, it was revealed that after the presentation of the new version of the “apple” smartphone, the iPhone 5 did not satisfy the demands of 57% of respondents. Overall, 1,135 people participated in the survey.

The biggest disappointment was toward the Lightning. It cannot work with multiple music systems and other accessories for the iPhone without a special, rather expensive adapter. It costs $ 30. 53% expressed their dissatisfaction towards this.
Also, customers were upset because of a new format of SIM-card (nano-SIM). It was used in the new iPhone 5. This was reported by 26% of respondents.

In addition, 21% of respondents said they are disappointed because there was no 128-GB model of iPhone 5.
However, 39% of respondents still said that the new iPhone had surpassed their expectations.
As reported, people are dissatisfied because of the absence of the support technology NFC (Near field communication), which is used for payments and synchronization with devices.


To summarize all above information, only 39% of respondents said that the new iPhone has surpassed their expectations. Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 has a better design and performance characteristics then its predecessor, more than half of the consumers surveyed said they were very disappointed.

According to the survey, it was revealed that after the presentation of the new version of the “apple” smartphone, the iPhone 5 does not satisfy the demands of 57% of respondents. Overall, 1,135 people participated in the survey.

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