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The world and the people in it are changing, mainly because of resources depletion or because of technology and civilization development. To be sincere, even if we were to be left alone without any outside influence, we would definitely become different as it is a manner of nature. Change is inevitable.

From the beginning of the world to this day, things have changed and our surrounding has also changed. Considering the methods of traveling, how humans used to walk miles to get to their destinations, then, how we developed from that and started using horses and donkeys to help us navigate and eventually developed to using vehicles, ships and planes. Each of these consequently leading to the other as necessity demanded. Merely, a change is demanded and to fit in the metamorphic society, man has to yield to the demands and heed to the call of fashion and civilization. In one way or the other we get conformed by our environs.

Some would argue that it is possible for one to resist change and not to conform to the world and the changes demanded. Some of these individuals are forced by either religion or traditions from where they are born or initiated into. For instance, just because a certain locality demands a Muslim to change to Christianity the Muslim would rather die than choose to change to Christianity because it is an abomination in his religion, and vice versa.

Or take, for example, some native tribe in China or Africa or even in the Amazon, which prefers to keep their traditions just because they were born in them or because they were handed over to them by their ancestors with great caution never to abandon them. Those probably would rather use herbs than go for manufactured tablets or injections for fear of being cursed by breaking the taboo. Nevertheless, even within themselves they still evolve from one state to the other. Good for them if they manage to stay themselves regardless of the external pressure.

Conformity itself is neither a vice nor a virtue depending on the specific case of each situation’s laws of that specific change. An individual will conform depending on the laws and situations one is in. Whether the laws are natural or state laws, they are what they are by their nature. At the end, an individual will believe he/she is solving a problem at hand thus the status quo is neither sin nor righteousness.

Is conformity growth a development or degradation? Some would ask. Yes and no. Yes, because the technology we see around us was brought about by the conformity of those who lived before us. They saw a need and solved it, so in the future we do not have to worry about the same need anymore (Boeree). No, because the World War One and the World War Two were brought about by conformity. The pressure on Hitler and other dictators and even on today’s terrorists is because of the demand to conform to either the economic, social, or political conditions they face.

Nobody actually knows the future while everybody wants to rule the future. Everyone needs a slave, whether black, white, yellow, or pink complexion. They are all looking for an opportunity to rule each other. Others out of fear of being the slaves themselves build walls around them and those they love to protect them(Boeree). However, the conformity, just like nature, takes its course.

As nature takes its course, human beings follow as obedient disciples in a monastery. Why obey? The well familiar study of obedience in the human mind was done by Stanley Milgram. Stanley, a psychologist at Yale University, did this to show the conflict connecting obedience to authority and personal conscience. He observed how the war criminals were defending themselves by alleging that they were following strict and direct orders and he concluded that ordinary individuals obey orders set by an authoritative body; even to the degree of murder. Therefore, authority is embedded in all of us from the childhood. He decided to research on how far human beings would go with the excuse of obeying their masters.

The experiment involved electrocuting each other in obedience to an authority even to the point of death. Of course, it was a prank! But about 65 % of those tested were positively ready to kill in obedience to orders from their superiors (McLeod).

Such obedience however makes one feel like he is an enemy to himself. This is due to the guilt consciousness in us to know that we have done an atrocity towards an innocent soul. Even if we have not seen the face of those we have been tormenting or stealing from, that feeling never leaves us. That is why we find ourselves apologizing. This guilt consciousness is inborn, we are born with it. That is why a child is ashamed to steal or even to see its parents making love. Unfortunately, it does not matter how ridiculous or stupid an act is as long as everybody is doing it, it seems fine with us or at least in the eyes of those we value. Even when there is a burning guilt inside of us, we would go ahead and do something wrong just to obey authorities.

The same thing happens with those who do right. A right thing done will always feel fine to the person who has done it, even if there was a life lost as a result of the act. Take for example the assassination of Osama Bin Laden; did that affect you in any way? Or did you celebrate when you heard he was dead. The situation changed the way you felt even though death is death whether it is a saint or a terrorist dying. How many executioners go home guilty after sending one to the death chambers, the judges who gave the ruling, the accusers, or the witnesses that contributed to the death of the accused?

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