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Anti-Israel Policy

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In this paper, a brief but critical analysis of the counter-terrorism policies of Israel would be presented. The country has a current anti-terrorism strategy that is grounded on force. Waging war against the terrorist groups has been the main agenda of the counter-terrorism policy of the Israeli government, which seems inappropriate with the current condition of the country amidst the crisis in the Middle East.

• Given Israel's situation in the Middle East, are their counter-terrorism policies/tactics appropriate?
On a deeper analysis, the said tactics may further instigate conflicts or wars against not only the terrorist groups but also with the Islamic nations. The existing differences in religious and political ideologies of Israel and the Islamic nations in the Middle East may play into the scene with the said unconventional anti-terrorism approach (Tecott, 2011).
Moreover, the democratic framework of the country would be threatened as well because assassinating targeted members of terrorist groups is certainly anti-democratic. It defies the rule of law and the freedom of the people is blatantly ignored (Buhler, 2010).

• If you were responsible for developing their policies/tactics, would you do anything different? Please explain your position.
As a country that is known to be pro-democracy, the Israeli government should have formulated policies that would invite or encourage peace rather than war. Continued peace negotiation is still the most righteous approach in resolving conflicts. Though the results of the said approach are quite gradual, peace talks still motivate people to come together and discuss things in the most rational and democratic way.

One of the controversial counterterrorism policies utilized by Israel is assassination. How does Israel justify this practice? Should it be allowed to continue? Why or why not? Support your opinion with facts from your research.
In this context, the Israeli government’s tactics should no longer continue. As mentioned, it doesn’t solve the issue completely. This is because killing members of the terrorist groups would only add to their hatred and frustration against the global system that doesn’t support the groups’ religious and political agenda.

• Consider the tactics of Hezbollah and Hamas, how are Israel's tactics different?
Consequently, a force against force tactic against terrorism would make the Israeli government the same with existing terrorist groups. Threatening to kill people randomly is what makes Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists. In comparison, the anti-terrorist policies of Israeli government that would also deliberately kill members of terrorist groups are also an act of terrorism (Economist, 2011).

In your opinion, were the tactics used in the 1967 six day war effective? Why or why not?

As compared with recent tactic of Israel against the terrorist groups, the tactics during the Six Day War against the Arab nations were more effective. In the said Six Day War, the Israelis utilized more advanced and lighter tanks to counter the attacks of the Arab groups. They outgunned and out maneuvered the battle tanks of the Arab groups due to the said tactic. It was really a tactic that used military strength in gaining the advantage, which eventually resulted in the victory for the Israelis (Malory, 2013).
To conclude, the anti-terrorism policies of the Israeli government should be abandoned due to the rationale presented in this paper. It is anti-democratic and can also be categorized as a terrorist approach in resolving terrorism. In addition, the said approach doesn’t help the country’s volatile political situation in the Middle East.

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