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The Metaethical ideology

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The metaethical position of cultural relativism is a view, according to which ethical or moral systems that do vary from the different cultures are equally valid. Moreover, the system can be categorized as better compared to others. The view is based on the knowledge that there is no definitive standard of perfection, hence something cannot stem out entirely as good or evil. Thus, the verdict of correct or incorrect, good or malevolent is purely a product of society. It is, therefore, logical, according to the metaethical position, that any opinion on morality or ethics is subject of cultural perception of each individual. The main arguments to this relativism are substantially compatible as they bring out the difference between the value judgment and factual judgment vividly. Firstly, there is a belief in existence of cultural diversity that is claimed by many authors and philosophers.

However, this seems to be a generalization. It can be confirmed that the path is more along with cognizance of existence of the diverse cultural beliefs. It doubts the availability of a single true morality, and the idea that morality of an individual’s own culture has no extraordinary rank but just one moral system among the numerous (Richard & Bernard 50-98). Moreover, there are various views on how the human beings came into existence; these views vary from culture to culture yet this does not exclude an existence of a single accurate account on the human origin. It is, thus, necessary to stress that in case there were no moral truths, then there would not have been moral diversities. For example, different ethnic communities from the different parts of the world have different cultures and preferences in sport. For instance, Brazilians like soccer, Ethiopians are fond of athletics, Pakistani value crickets, and Mongolians are passionate about horse racing. However, this does not show that there is no single kind of sport that all of them can play (Marcelo 150-187).

To the contrary of the abovementioned information, cultural relativism is endowed with a high level of exaggeration. This is epitomized by the fact that almost all human cultures have a sort of moral conducts, which tend to overlap to a given degree. There are numerous ethical issues and traits that are perfectly shared to such an extent that some norms are equally punishable in the different cultural setups, for example, the murder cases. The human beings are, therefore, governed by the same key principles that are outlined by the Human Rights and United Nations. Thus, according to the metaethical ideology, various individuals have a different basis of truths, and false is considered to be invalid in most circumstances.

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