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Existentialist Rejection of a Rational Moral Order

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Life has no meaning as long as anything humans associate themselves with is not attached to some form of relevance or practical application. The fact that humans practice different religions and believe in the superior power can be classified as fear or weakness. Instead of being courageous enough to face challenges, people believe and trust a certain force that watches and guides them in difficult situations they face during their lives. Therefore, most philosophers consider such detachment from morality as atheistic existentialism. The main idea of atheistic existentialism is in the various rational arguments that are developed to oppose the meaning of life with consideration to the rational morality. Therefore, atheistic existentialism can be defined as a rejection to follow moral principles and behave in the way approved by the society. In other words, atheistic existentialism is disregarding rational moral order by the society in general or by each single person in particular (Pojman, & Vaughn 125).

According to Melchert, the atheists justify their actions by existentialism (Melchert 266).However, this approach of existentialism has been regarded as one sided, because a pursuer of an action is able to regard it as either right or wrong. Moreover, he/she cannot be corrected or questioned by others. In this case, the spectators cannot apply their rational thinking to the matter at hand, if somebody else disagrees with the moral order expected. Consideration of an action as either right or wrong has been amplified by the fact that many people decide on what they term as good rather than what they term as bad. For example, killing a person is considered morally wrong as the person is expected to live, which is considered a good thing (Melchert 154). However, determining what is good or bad not cannot be argued in terms of what is right or wrong. While the scriptures, especially the Christian Commandments, define what one should or should not do, choosing to do the opposite cannot be judged from the same perspective, as the pursuer may not be a part of the Christian denomination.

With regards to the information mentioned above, the main objective of this paper is to answer the question, whether the existentialism’s rejection of the rational moral order makes life much meaningful or strips it of meaning. In order to rationally answer this question, the aspects of good or bad are ignored for the sake of taking a clear path towards gaining the aim. Let assume that the world we live in has no rules, no religious teachings, and the governments do not exist. What would be a situation in the world? The fact that crime is considered a set of the unlawful deeds is pronounced by the laws prohibiting crime. Considering the aspect of crime, various types of theft, including a theft with violence exist in the today’s realms of socioeconomic settings. As for the violence part of this alleged crime, a victim is expected to suffer from the injuries or pain. Talking about the aspect of pain, it is considered a happy moment when an expectant woman gives birth to the lovely young one. However, the process of giving birth also results into pain, which in some cases may be much stronger than in case of the theft. At this point, it is necessary to ask ourselves why pain inflicted by an external entity is considered a crime, while pain from within is regarded as a blessing (Christianity definition of giving birth) (McBride 219).

The world we live in has been developing from the analogue systems to the digital ones that allow the modern businesses to thrive. From the technological point of view, the aspect of development is associated with the fact that discoveries are the new forces that are not qualified as offensive by any laws. Nowadays, reflecting on some social behaviors associated with the aspect of immorality or inconsideration of open mindedness in making judgment, it can be argued that humans could be much powerful if they practiced incest as a form of developing the new generations. Considering incest sexual behaviors, there are may be different opinions concerning the issue. People have different moral stand points and they should not dictate each other what is right and what is not. Would it be impossible to live in the world without moral norms? All depends on people, who define whether something is moral or not. In addition, what is considered right or wrong can be classified as less good, very good, or not very good with regards to its effect on the people.

Practicing existentialism’s rejection of the rational moral order, one can be termed as ignorant of the various laws, rules, morals, faiths, and regulations put in place. However, in this case, the ball is in the pursuer’s hands, and only he can determine the reasons of carrying out activities that can be assumed as immoral by other entities (Pojman, & Vaughn 143). Using the technological example mentioned above, existentialism’s rejection of rational moral order makes life meaningful, because people are caged in their own understanding and interpretation of the world they live in. Therefore, the assumption that some activities or undertakings are wrong deters development and spreads fear among people.

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