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Democracy is the system when citizens have equal rights to make the decisions they want to implement. This entails the participation of citizens in anything that is taking place in the country including the implementation of law. This means that each individual has the responsibility of making the right decisions for their nation.

Democracy is an aspect that is criticized by many people in the society. Many claim that democracy is either inefficient economically or that it is corrupt morally, or its ideologies are not idealistic politically. Many philosophers claim that democracy is not well known to the voters who lack proper information about the issues that are political and economic. Those who are well informed about this matter say like those concerning economy will woo the government, which might form laws that favor them and exclude the majority including citizens. This indicates that those who have power can do anything to gain what they want, while the others suffer. It is always an important aspect if politicians understand the needs of citizens’ idea that they fail to recognize. This entails the citizen vote on basis that they will get financial help from the politicians.

Oligarchy is the state where a few members of the society detain power (Moore 1975). These people may be the rich and those who have influence in the government. This is the current state of power rule in many countries.

Plato had a vision that democracy would be overlooked (Badiou 2012). This is a common thing that is happening in today’s world. Plato was sure that this would happen, and he was right. This is based on the fact that most dreams that American citizens had are blurry. This is one important issue which is acclaimed by many professors. They claim that it is an aspect that is very sensitive and should be handled in the quickest way possible. Plato had realized that wealth was what drove the world, and this is an aspect that will limit the growth of many economies. This is based on the aspect that these people chase their own matters and overlook the aspirations of the citizens.

The society in which we are living according to the materials is aristocratic. This implies that those with education are those who manage to hold offices. This is an aspect that also has become a family issue. Leadership is becoming a practice of political families. This implies that leadership is passed on from parents to their children. This implies that people only chase their own issues overlooking the issues of the society. This implies that an ordinary citizen, as indicated by the study, shows that their economic nature is stagnant. This, according to Plato, is an aspect that should be taken into control as the average person will remain in a stagnant position. This, as indicated by professor Stiglitz, is the one that is losing control. Stiglitz states that those born in a family that is wealthy will sail to adulthood wealthy as well, and the case is also the same to those born in families that are of the average nature.

Plato is the philosopher whose ideas reflect the American citizens today. This, as he explained, is that those who have wealth will continue adding it up, while the normal citizens stagnate. This is an aspect which is on the rise in America as many of the rich people continue to hold offices in the government (Dahl 1961). This makes the average American nature stagnate while the rich continue gaining wealth as they rob the average citizens in pretence of leadership. This aspect is the one which needs to be well addressed an also cubed before the economy of the country deteriorates. This is an aspect that Plato explained that would be taken into control by those who were wealthy in the country.

To enhance that democracy is fully achieved, those in power must accept to allow the public make their own decision on what they want. This is an aspect that politicians assume. Politicians should take into account every aspect that the citizens want. Leadership is an aspect that should be open to all citizens despite the state of affairs of their wealth. This law should be taken into consideration, and those in power should accept to give out part of their wealth to the less privileged to ease the condition of the economy. Plato said that democracy is for all individuals despite the nature of their wealth or financial state. Leaders should be urged to throw away their desires and accept to fight for the needs of the society. This should be enhanced by all leaders to help gain the trust of the citizens. Proper education about the state of affairs in the country should be enhanced to ensure that each citizen is aware of the consequences of their voting.


The theories of Plato are still in existence in today’s world and continue to haunt all average citizens in each democratic country. Democracy should be properly enhanced in order to ensure that the deteriorating nature of countries should be accessed. All leaders should ensure that democracy is enabled in all aspects.

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