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Chinese Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy Introduction             Numerous studies of social setups of various cultures have been carried out during many decades. These studies are essentially what forms various ...


Introduction Democracy is the system when citizens have equal rights to make the decisions they want to implement. This entails the participation of citizens in anything that is taking place in the country including the implementation of law. This ...

Educational Philosophy

Education has always been of a great value, it is an invisible “crown” that makes a person special, different from others. Apart from shaping one’s personality and individuality, education gives a great number of possibilities to ...

An introduction to philosophy: The branches of philosophy

The four branches of philosophy include metaphysics, epistemology, axiology and logic. Metaphysics is concerned with the nature of being and reality, and aims at addressing the interest of a man about the nature of God, substance, space, truth and ...

Existentialist Rejection of a Rational Moral Order

Life has no meaning as long as anything humans associate themselves with is not attached to some form of relevance or practical application. The fact that humans practice different religions and believe in the superior power can be classified as ...

Fetal Protection Laws

The State should not take a pregnant woman into custody for the purpose of protecting the welfare of her unborn child in case when the woman is abusing drugs, has a threatening illness that might cause her death, she personally wants to terminate ...

Is there One True Religion

There are many religions in the world; and there is a tendency that people residing in various geographical areas mostly practice religions that are typical of those areas: in Saudi Arabia the government claims that about 100% of the population is ...

Islamic Religion

Islam is among the largest religions in the world. The followers of this religion are known as Muslims. They believe that Islam was revealed 1400 years ago in Mecca, Arabia. They also believe that God sent Abraham, Moses, and Jesus to mankind in ...

The Metaethical ideology

The metaethical position of cultural relativism is a view, according to which ethical or moral systems that do vary from the different cultures are equally valid. Moreover, the system can be categorized as better compared to others. The view is ...

Nietzsche on Nihilism

Abstract This paper covers the description and analysis of a philosophy feature called nihilism. Friedrich Nietzsche has devoted a lot of his works to it, so just his view and theory about nihilism will be considered in a paper. First, the main ...

Philosophical position of the Democratic Republican

Period of ratification of the U.S. Constitution became the crucial point for political life of the United States. Two opponent parties were created: the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party. Each of them stood up for their views and ...

The Analysis of the Parts of the Soul

The Analysis of the Parts of the Soul First of all, Socrates is attempting to show that the human soul is not an indivisible entity, i.e. it consists of some parts by explaining that “one thing cannot act in opposite ways or exist in ...

"Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?" by Edmund Gettier

Traditionally knowledge was regarded by number of philosophers as justified true belief. In the article “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?”, Edmund Gettier by presenting two cases against treating knowledge as a justified true belief ...

Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory

I am a supporter of progressive adult education since its purpose really displays the features of the 21st century that is transmitting the culture and societal structure.Progressive education is the general direction of the theory and practice of ...

Philosophy Statement

I believe that all students should have an equal opportunity to learn and consequently develop regardless of their knowledge of the host country’s language. I take into account that such students may encounter significant difficulties in ...

The Allegory of the Cave and the Matrix

1.      Explain in detail the “Allegory of the Cave" as if you were the instructor for a group of individuals unfamiliar with the story. In the allegory, Plato’s teacher, Socrates is in conversation with ...

The Divinity and the Humanity of Jesus

The contradictions around the person of Christ have been a subject of debate throughout the history. One doctrine of the person of Jesus Christ is focused on his identity and affirms both the deity and the humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ. In ...

The Reason for the Optimist Philosophy

One of the main questions for everybody is whether everything occurs with us is for better or for worse. Voltaire in his Candide presents something like implicit discussion between optimist and pessimist philosophy. Doctor Pangloss expresses ...
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