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Mindfulness in Literature

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Literature is a unique source of knowledge that alters people’s mind making everyone percept the reality of the world in order to find the appropriate ways to live. It is an integral part of all human discoveries and observations that explains the meaning of a boundless amount of things and a sense of life on the Earth. The main point of the essay is to represent mindfulness in literature showing that nothing is eternal, and there is no second chance to live life from the very beginning.

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Life is the most valuable thing on the Earth, and it is necessary to appreciate it like a God’s gift. In the poem “Compassion” by Miller Williams, the author hints that life can be difficult due to the human sufferings and endless wars indicating that it is necessary to reveal some compassion for all people. Williams means that people must be polite and sensitive saying, “Have compassion for everyone you meet, / even if they don’t want it” (Williams, 2013). In some cases, people do not ask for help, but it is understandable that they need an immediate assistance and support. Mindfulness teaches that it is impossible to predict exactly what will occur in the future, but it is possible to value the present. It develops such traits of character as mercy and generosity showing that self-confidence and an excessive arrogance refer to human vices. Mindfulness helps the reader keep in mind that bad manners and cynicism have a negative impact on human attitude and behavior. The problem is that people even do not pay attention to such issues forgetting that time can fly away one day, and life will stay behind. Undoubtedly, the existence of mindfulness in literature leads to the exact consequences that make people live life immediately not wasting time for empty hopes to change something even not trying to improve the current position.

Mindfulness in literature makes people muse and percept the cruel reality taking into account the significance of life. It shows people that the surrounding is oppressive and unjust, but they must long for the appropriate goals working hard. Namely, literature enables everyone to understand that every year it is more difficult to live with the appeared burdens, and every year it is harder to live without anyone’s belief or hope. It is very vital to have a close person, who can support all future intentions and ideas even if they do not seem to be successful. On the other hand, a deep meaning of literature reveals that every person can appreciate life only after a boundless grief. In the poem “Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye, the author illustrates that everything is in human hands indicating, “What you held in your hand, / what you counted and carefully saved” (Nye, n.d.).

However, a person does not manage to keep the most precious things making a wrong decision and various mistakes due to inattentiveness and indifference to the importance of life. Only experiencing a loss of the closest person, a man can change his attitude to life and his actions because such a mournful event can influence human perception of the reality. In some cases, a man begins to lose the sense of life after it, and there is no reason to continue his poor and miserable existence. Additionally, the author states that the loss of some important things makes people become kind, and the integrity is their salvation. Perhaps, it is true that the kindness can cure a human soul as it unites human and nature beings. The narrator of the poem also demonstrates that the kindness is a moving force saying, “Only kindness that raises its head / from the crowd of the world to say” (Nye, n.d.). However, it is not easy to realize that the kindness can save a human soul as it is a very long way to reach it.

Mindfulness explains that everything is essential in a particular moment, but in general, it is not important at all as most people hurry up even not noticing any minor issues. In the poem “Important” by Helen Luke, the author depicts life based on the constant human hurry omitting some boring things in order to get some more interesting issues. The author shows that most people long for unneeded objects claiming, “Everything in every moment is ‘essential’ / and that nothing at all is ‘important’” (Luke, n.d.).

Undoubtedly, life is full of irony, and it reflects human silliness and selfishness combining them together in order to show their nothingness. Irony also reveals that people spend most of their time on the use of new technologies losing touch with their relatives and friends. Moreover, the world of the advanced technologies makes people more selfish separating them from one another. The new generation does not pay attention to the surrounding things as they seem to be minor and not so important. Nobody knows for sure why young people “burn” their lives spending money on fancy hotels and alcohol. Nevertheless, it is possible to assume that they do not know the precise value of life having constant parents’ support. Thus, they do not percept the meaning of their existence being spoilt, greedy and too self-confident. It is evident that young people do not think about the awareness of life not enabling to express their innermost feelings and emotions.

Summing up, mindfulness in literature is an integral part of daily human life that shows how to live in order to be a real personality. Life is not eternal, and literature teaches the humankind how it is possible to enjoy every moment realizing that life and death exist close to each other. It is never late to change something in life as every person can either “take control or be controlled” (Ea, n.d.) making right or wrong decisions. However, only a boundless grief can alter people’s attitude to the significance of life valuing every minor thing that can be vital anytime. In this case, kindness appears in order to show a man that everything is ahead despite a huge loss of the dearest person. Undoubtedly, nothing can change the feeling of emptiness, but kindness can treat human heartache presenting life as itself.

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