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Korean Literature

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The Cho Hae-Joan demonstrates two important concepts in the social setting of the Korean community, which facilitated the transition from the traditional to modern society. The notion of femininity and masculinity of women and their role and experiences of the social change in Korea are major concepts outlined (Park 78). On the other hand, the notion of ‘new women’ surfaced in discourse take turns of the last century, and the ideology of gender provided the site under which the notion of tradition and modern came to be defined.

Movies ‘A Female Boss’ and ‘My Sassy Girl’ give a reflection of the Korean society and the perception of women in the 1950s. They show women’s struggles to gain ground in the society and economic and political areas in the Korea. The era of women’s liberation as demonstrated by Hae was facilitated by the democracy that aimed at liberating women from the aged-old restrictions thereby freeing them. On the other hand, the two movies emphasize on the concept of equality between genders (Kendall 89). During the colonial period, women were mobilized in public arenas as imperial subjects under the colonial rule of Japanese. The scuffle of an ideal image of women continues even after the colonial period as the north, and south Korea steamed full speed to attain modernization.

A life story by Park Wanseo in her book demonstrates the power of a woman with equal measures like men and the impact she has on society. After the heartbreaking violence that distorted the life of the writer, unity of women and mother can be pointed out. In this context, unity is the notion of coming together and delivering what others in the society cannot deliver specifically to women (Pak 96). Although abortion is an illegal practice, the woman adopted this practice to help fellow women who conceive unwanted pregnancies through sexual violence such as rape. On the other hand, through unity, women can deliver quality and acceptable products in the society and the economy as demonstrated in the book ‘Three Days in That Autumn’

The movie ‘Mother’ by Pong Chun-ho critically demonstrates the strength and responsibilities of a woman in the society. With unwavering spirit, the mother desperately tries to overturn murder conviction imposed on her son, and deliver her from prison. In this perspective, women have the power and knowledge to exploit their potentials in life including parenting. Although faced with difficulties in life, unity of women as well as mothers can lead to converges of mothers with different talents and concerns in the society. This skill and potentials are fundamental to growth and development in the society (Kendall 128).

The social movement in Korea dating from 1993 to 2008 reveals the struggle and the impact of the transition. The Korea Gay gained roots as sexual identity, then a community was created and later legislation was enacted to legalize the practice in the Korea. Unwillingly, Sumin found himself in mixed and confused situation in attempts to achieve socioeconomic stability due to his inherent social status and situation. Despite the fact that Sumin first resisted, he later accepted the sexual identity (Park 187). The act developed mixed reactions from the community, especially his family. Most of the individuals engaged in lesbian and gay acts unwillingly just like Sumin in an attempt to improve their social situations and achieve emotional stability in response to family pressures. 

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