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Electronic Literature

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Electronic literature is developing at an enormous pace offering writers new ways to express their creativity. The indivisible feature of electronic literature is that it enables readers to choose from multiple reading paths and makes use of hyperlinks, allowing them explore the same text from different angles. However, with new possibilities of making electronic literature more than a plain text, some difficulties come. It is essential for creators of electronic works to keep in mind that if they want to make a literary work, the text should be placed in the heart of it. It ought to bear the aesthetic value (expressed by verbal images, etc.) as the printed one, but can be accompanied by sounds or images. Nevertheless, it is vital that the text itself is not lost in all those additions. As if there will be too many decorations, it will not be perceived as a literary work by the target readers.

Nowadays it might seem that printed information is becoming obsolete. Still, I enjoy reading a printed adventure or detective story. I like fiction with its bright descriptions and verbal images; though if there are too many long descriptions, it becomes boring, similarly to when there is an abundance of logical events. Nonetheless, when the right balance between description and the action is achieved, a book is a real pleasure. I equally enjoy narratives from the first and the third person as in the first case the reader can see through the narrator’s eyes and in the second, the surrounding environment and characters are accentuated. Electronic writing is rather entertainment than reading to me. Surely, it embraces with the help of technologies, the new opportunities to go beyond the imagery of a simple text, and it seems fascinated, but it will not substitute the printed book for me.

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