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Influence of Art in Our Lives

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Art is defined in many ways depending on different objects and environments. It can be defined as something that makes people happy or angry with intention of making them think about it. It is a way of expressing something you love in a unique way that appeals to people and brings them close to know more about it. In other words, it is a language that people use to express their feelings towards something they like or dislike.  There are certain arts that may bring peace or violence depending on the interpretation by different groups of people. 

Influence of Art in Our Daily Lives

There are several circumstances in our lives that art has influenced. For example, Krug (2003) notes that when someone paints a work, it either makes people gain interest on it or not. The paintings make people think and interpret the nature of the image. In our homes, schools, and working places, there are paintings of utensils furniture. The color and nature of paintings on objects plays a big role in interpreting their meaning. Specific colors are also used to symbolize specific aspects in life. White, black, red, and green colors symbolize peace, sadness, danger, and vegetation respectively.

Art has greatly impacted our daily lives. For example, the beauty of the buildings we live and work in is as a result of art and design. Artists have designed buildings that have neatly arranged toilets, kitchens, and living rooms. The beautiful churches we pray in are as a result of art. Artists have designed and drawn storey buildings to accommodate the growing populations in urban areas. They design them in a manner that they are attractive to the eyes. When you look at most of the towns and cities, tall buildings have been designed by artist to reduce congestions in particular areas. Those buildings are mostly smart and can accommodate as many people as possible. Inside the buildings also bears pictures and images that entertain and educate people.

The cloths we wear every day, of different designs for various occasions, are as a result of art. They are usually designed for different occasions such as weddings, parties, funerals, and churches. This has influenced our lives that people expect others to wear specific cloths for specific occasions. It is also easy to identify an individual on the clothing he/she wears. The designs keep on changing from one generation to another because artists keep improving their designs to satisfy each and every generation.

The utensils we use such as dishes, cooking pots, and cups are designed in a way that enables each individual to have their choices. Artist always try to make many designs for utensils to satisfy our daily needs. We use the utensils daily and without them life could have been miserable. Other things we use daily such as combs, mirrors, televisions, and vehicles which we are designed to suit our needs.

The art of music has also greatly influenced our daily lives. We always listen to music created by artists in various occasions. There is different music to sooth babies, to praise people, to mock, to console the bereaved, to cheer, and to encourage individuals. Artists compose such songs using different tunes too with messages that make people feel the occasions.


Art is found in almost every aspect of our lives. Whatever we see on earth is as a result of art. Even at the time of creation, Christians believe that God created man from soil and was happy with His work. I wonder what the world would have been without art.

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