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"Battleground America" by Jill Lepore

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"Battleground America" by Jill Lepore Analysis


Jill Lepore's "Battleground America" is a synthetic work. The text exemplifies the level of gunfire and gun usage in the United States of America's schools, homes, and colleges. This story is quite comprehensive, tentative, explorative, well researched, well evidenced, and well documented from cover to cover. The audience has been left with a closer desire and needs to keep reading the article repeatedly. The vividness of the language used, tense exemplification, equilibrium of writing genres, and the general presentation of the text are all but worth rhetorical analysis. The rhetorical analysis exemplifies the nature and importance of the reader, the essay's essence, the author's reflections, the limitations of the study text, and the motivation behind the text (Porter 45).

Brief Summary of the Text

The United States of America has a high number of firearms domestic ownership compared to other nations in the world. The various incidences, like shootings in schools, churches, and highways, demonstrate the extent to which guns have been exposed to society and more so to young people. According to the article, teenage ownership and the use of guns are indeed on the rise. The ownership of firearms among the young, old, males, and females vehemently desires a new jurisdiction, enabling equitable and justifiable arm ownership and use among Americans. As the article proclaims, many firearms firms are private and have increased in number.

Various legislative individuals have been hovering along the pathways of fighting gun ownership and misuse among the civilian population. The article reiterates various efforts being made and addressed by the state congress regarding amendments that allow individual ownership of guns. Nonetheless, there are various "how to shoot" training programs even in teenage schools. The author expresses disbelief like gun use and misuse escalation in many parts of the nation, even at places besides government officials.

Brief Summary of the Text's Rhetorical Situation

The escalation of gun use, loss of life, and innocent killings among American families call for a need to enlighten people with their respective knowledge of the events. The author views an increase in the level of gunfights in the future if the issue is not handled adequately within American society. An escalation or increase in crime rates among the civil population calls for root research, which can tell where the whole problem lies. The author has taken this opportune moment to reflect on the various scenarios and possible pathways.

The composition of this text is based on the general increase in the ownership of guns among the American population, which coincides with an increasing number of school and college shootings. The historical occasion that led to this composition involves T. J. Lane on February 27th.


The author of the article is Jill Lepore. The author has involved several scenarios in establishing ethos and personal credibility throughout the article. First, the author involves a recent scenario involving a school shooting performed by T. J. Lane. As part of the introductory ingredient of the essay, the author replicates and ties this to various other scenarios that had happened before. In essence, the author has established her credibility from the research she has done regarding the manufacture, ownership, and use of guns on the entire US territory.

The author is knowledgeable and fair. The author builds on several other gun shooting scenarios and relates to the American population's symbolic understanding of gun ownership. In the article, the author provides information concerning how guns probably get into the American population, how people, including the young, access and use these weapons, and, finally, the dangers experienced over the years. Many people have been killed due to gun ownership. For instance, young people are exposed to and trained to use guns; according to Dan McClelland, the county sheriff: "I hate to say it, but we trained for exactly this type of thing, a school emergency of this type" (Lepore 1). The author states that "there are nearly three hundred million privately owned firearms in the United States." (Lepore 3). Moreover, the author is knowledgeable of the long history involving gun use and the approaches being applied by the state to curb wrong gun use among people. All these connotations help to convey an innate authority within the periphery of the speaker.

The author tries to address all people who can understand the issue of gun use and have the same idea to fight illicit killings among the people. The readers of the article belong to all ranges of age. They belong to both genders. This is because the author has reiterated one-in-every-ten women ownership of guns in the United States of America. The readers may belong to all occupations since gun use, and its subsequent killings relate to all occupations. The scenario used by the author – killings in schools and other institutions – dedicates this article to all varieties of occupations. The readers belong to all levels of education since even the young have been trained to work with guns; the same applies to the illiterate in society. Before reading the article, the readers have been targeted on their state of safety with the increased use of guns among American citizens.

The author has adopted a "scary" mask to capture the readers' attention and relay her message. The first scenario, involving T. J. Lane, is scary and introduces the article. Sentences like "shot in the head, fell face first onto the table, a pool of blood forming" reiterate the significance of the writer's message. The author demonstrates an innate humility and sense of education in relaying what the government has been doing to stop the escalating deaths due to shootings. The writer behaves like an outsider, an analyst, who has been there to witness every ordeal involving gun shooting. Moreover, the author has involved other practical arguments and examples, which make her in a sheer state of understanding with the audience.
There exist particular limitations as ascribed by the author and the article. The writer has accommodated the readers' knowledge and attitudes by relaying the most immediate security influences in the US domestic systems. Based on the state of the political system in the US, the author has not explored deep into the sense of the national intelligence systems in the struggle against gun use. Moreover, the article has replicated various impacts of state insecurity which shades some criticism from the public. These have been some major limitations in the article.

The writer has been prompted by the escalation and relevance of gun availability in the society. The human population has enormous capabilities to explore the use of lethal weapons such as guns. Since gun use can be dated back to times of hunting, their availability in human society has been vulnerable to human security and existence. This is surely worth writing about. Occurrences of innocent people's murders should not occur. Moreover, the author feels that the state should still do more to curb misuse and wrong ownership of guns in the US civil society.


The author of the article "Battleground America" has done comprehensive research to bring out the sense in this article. The article employs various facades of writing that attract rhetorical analysis. The article employs the motivational background, analysis of the author, readers, and the message or essay at hand. Besides, the article has replicated various limiting issues within the work.

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