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Mental disorder, in the broadest sense, is a mental state that is different from normal, healthy state of the human brain. What exactly is a psychological disorder? How is it diagnosed?

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Psychological disorder, also known as a mental disorder, is a pattern of behavioral or psychological symptoms that influence multiple life areas and create distress for the person experiencing these symptoms:
There are two types of mental disorders the first of which is caused by outside factors, while the second is caused by internal factors.

Characteristic of John Nash from the movie A Beautiful Mind

John Nash is one of the main characters in the film A Beautiful Mind. He suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Initially, he manifests himself as observant. He is attentive and witty young man, who is not different from other young students. He is not too sociable and prefers to stay aside. It is the main characteristic of autism and the manifestation of disease onset.

Freud methods and its philosophical interpretation

The nomination of the psychoanalytic doctrine of man took its beginning in the19th - 20th centuries. Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) introduced a new method of neuroses treatment, called psychoanalysis. His method became known as the method of free association. The term ‘psychoanalysis’ has three meanings, implying a theory of personality and psychopathology; a method of personal therapy disorders and a method of exploring the unconscious thoughts and feelings. It was Freud who introduced the theory of the mind structure. He used the topographic model according to which the mental life consists of three levels: consciousness, preconsciousness, and unconsciousness. The essence of his theory is the association. According to this theory, an individual who is watching one phenomenon implies the other. This situation is under control of consciousness and thought (Fisher, 1977).

The primary purpose of 'instinct for life' is a reproduction of the impulse, which is called psychosexual energy. The decreasing of the vital sexual energy causes in person a desire to die. Mechanisms that balance between 'aspiration in life' and 'death wish' are the desires, in other words, the body's ability to restore a previous state. After reaching the mental stability of the human state, desires can perform a constructive and destructive role. Sadism is an internal passive damper of the sexual stimulus, directed to the repressing of the desire for death. According to Freud, mental processes are governed by the principles of permanence, pleasure and reality (McKay, 2011). Unconscious processes are subordinated to the pleasure principle, the content of which determines individual development of the psyche. Moreover, condition of satisfaction depends on the number of stimulants that are in the mind of an agent. However, there is always something in the human body that promotes the increase of the excitement. It violates the normal functions of mental activity and perceives the annoyance.

In the film Nash differs from the others since his early days because of his wits. He says what others do not even notice. A striking example of this is when he is looking at the sun, calculating the angle of incidence of light. It was the first visual illusion that is shown in the film that continues throughout the whole film. He finds patterns in letter combinations and digital combinations, caused by the disease development.

Also at the beginning of the movie Nash, in anger, throws the table out of the window and causes damage to himself. This indicates his impulsiveness, irritability, and aggressive attitude. Giving a lesson in the noisy, manifested his impatience to everyday phenomena. This, as well is typical of the disease. However, the most obvious symptoms of the main character’s suffering from schizophrenia are his hallucinations. They are of different types. These are the elementary and complex hallucinations, including visual, such as photopsias (spark, light), scene alike (frequent were the scene with imaginary friends, attacks and harassment of the machine, etc.), auditory, implying acousma (noise, calls in the hopper), the phoneme (talk imaginary friends), verbal (he is ordered to kill his wife), threatening (if he does not recognize them for themselves that they are true), and hallucinations of dialogs (there were throughout the film). Nash’s first hallucination is his imaginary roommate. It seems that this hallucination is generated by the second part of Nash. This is the part that tends to take him out for a walk, get rest, eat and leads a normal life, when John completely goes into his work. Superego does not let instincts into Ego; then their energy is sublimated, transformed, embodied in other forms of activity that are acceptable in the society. The individual life (creativity, art, social life and working activity) is reflected in the forms of one’s behavior (in dreams, slips, slips of the tongue, jokes) (McKay, 2011). When Nash is completely immersed into his job, the roommate disappears and comes back only after some period of time, returning with his niece. The girl, to who he is experiencing warm and good feelings, is his third hallucination. In the course of the disease Nash exaggerates his personality. Back to the beginning of the film, it can be noted that he does not accept the possibility that he is wrong. This idea can be traced throughout the whole movie. His dominant behavior is the obsession about becoming famous. Even his classmates laugh at him. He refutes the scientific arguments that have been used for over 150 years. All people use defense mechanisms. However, they distort the picture of the needs, fears, and aspirations of the individual. All defense mechanisms have common features and are known to proceed on an unconscious level and because of that are the means of self-deception. Moreover, they distort or deny the perception of reality in order to make the situation less threatening to humans. Anxiety or insecurity can be of the following types: realistic, neurotic, moral, and social. The first is the emotional response, caused the threat of the real dangers of the outside world that helps to ensure self-preservation. Neurotic Anxiety is the emotional response caused by the risk that is unacceptable from Ego. It is about the fear that the Ego will be unable to control the sexual or aggressive desires and can do something terrible, entailing serious negative consequences. Moral anxiety is peculiar for the appearance of the threat of punishment from the Superego when Id seeks active expression of immoral thoughts or actions. In this way, Superego responds with a sense of guilt, shame, and self-blame. Finally, Social anxiety occurs due to the threat of exclusion from the group of people because of one’s unacceptable actions. Later, Freud showed that anxiety, originating from the superego, develops into a fear of death and the expectation of punishment in the afterlife for the sins of the past or present (Thombs, 2011).

Nash behavior is characterized by bright violations during the execution of the special mission. That indicates progression of the disease. It can be seen through an acceleration of writing and emotional disorders. Often anxiety and anger are present in the hero’s everyday behavior. The hallucinations accompany Nash up to the end of his life and become a second plan of events. To my mind, the main character sufferers from the mental disorders which lead to the development of such disease as schizophrenia.


Comparing my definition of the mental illness provided in the introduction of the research, with the definition given by The United States Department of Health and Human Services, it can be assumed that I was almost right. The definition given by The United States Department of Health and Human Services implies that "a mental disorder or mental illness is a psychological pattern or anomaly, which is potentially reflected in behavior, that is generally associated with distress or disability, and which is not considered as a part of normal development of a person's culture. Mental disorders are generally defined by a combination of how a person feels, acts, thinks and perceives. This may be associated with particular regions or functions of the brain or rest of the nervous system, often in a social context".

There are several kinds of mental disorders, including exogenous and endogenous types of mental disorders. The causative factors of the former are directed from outside, for example, alcohol, industrial poisons, drugs, toxic substances, radiation, viruses, germs, traumatic brain injury, psychological trauma. The latter is caused by chromosomal aberrations (disorders), genetic diseases with a hereditary predisposition (may be transmitted through several generations because of an injured gene).

To summarize all above said, it should be mentioned that the main hero of A Beautiful Mind definitely has mental disorders. Nash’s behavior is characterized by bright violations that indicate that his disease is progressing. Moreover, he has an acceleration of writing, emotional disorders, anxiety and anger. These hallucinations accompany Nash up to the end of his life and become a second plan of actions in the movie.

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