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NYPD Performance Analysis

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Mission/Objectives Statement

New York Police Department has the mission of maintaining security and order. This is to be attained by working in partnership with the community. The department focuses on preserving peace, reducing fears, as well as providing a safe environment (NYPD, 2014). This mission is far from being attained. In its efforts to pursue a better quality of life of the residents, the organization has been pushing households to reduce residential noises. Unnecessary noises summonses have been raising to 14,030 cases from 12,286 cases. These records were taken in 2011 and 2007 financial years, respectively. The department has yet maintained peace in the city of New York, in line with its mission. Since 2007, the state has reported over 700 cases of forcible rape annually. This indicates that ladies in the state live in fear of being raped. All though male rape also occurs, it is not as prevalent as rape of women in the state. From this statistical report, records have shown that that robbery cases are very common in New York. Over 18,000 robbery cases have been recorded every year. This indicates that the environment is no longer peaceful. With over 470 murders annually in the state, the NYPD are far from attaining its mission (Maskell, 1991).

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Methods of Data Gathering

The methods of gathering data by New York Police Department are very relevant. For instance, when it comes to resources use, the department has accurate and reliable source from its annual reports. From these reports, it can identify the overall level of revenues and expenses incurred during such financial year. Equally, from the traffics department, it can access such information from traffic records. In spite of this, data gathering in terms of response time and customer service is subjective. The department lacks an objective way of gathering such information. It may be equally biased in an effort to depict itself as an excellent performer, while in the actual sense its performance may be deteriorating.

Using Performance Information

New York Police Department has recorded different levels of efficacy in using data gathered to make changes in tightening of security and reducing various forms of crimes. For instance, since 2007, major felony crimes on transit, as well as in city schools have gone down. This indicates that there is a high level of response on feedback from data gathered and measures are being employed to move the standard of these crimes down. Since 2007 and 2011, major felony crimes have gone down. Murder and manslaughter have also been reduced. This indicates the tightening of laws and court rulings that have acted as disincentives to those striving these crimes to stop.

In spite of the above improvement in reduction of crime, it is evident that the issue of forcible rape has not been addressed fully. As much as the New York Police Department has identified that the rate of forcible rape has gone up, there are no tangible measures employed to mitigate the vice. Hence, cases of forcible rape have assumed an upward trend since 2007. The report shows that despite the findings that narcotics crimes are still high, this vice is yet to be dealt with effectively, as these cases are still high. At the same time, due to the low level of punishment associated with crimes, such as misdemeanors, they are on the rise. The performance on feedback is thus selective, focusing on a portion issues and neglecting others at the same time.

In regards to traffic, it is evident that traffic fatalities have gone down. In regards to response to crimes, those have increased between 2007 and 2011 from 6.9 to 8.4. Nevertheless, there is a need for the New York Police Department to improve response to noncritical crimes, as the response time has been on the rise. If not addressed, this may result to increase in such crimes (Thomson, & Emery, 2014).

The department of police in New York has decreased the number of cases that are being reported by civilians. This might have been caused by a number of factors. It may be a result of improvement in the manner in which the government is handling these claims. At the same time, it may be a result of intimidation of the civilians by officers in the New York Police Department.

In terms of customer service, it is evident that New York Police Department is performing poorly, and their response to data collected on the same is equally poor. Agency customer service waiting time increased from 2010 at 0 minutes, 2 seconds to 1 minute, 39 seconds in 2011. Nevertheless, it is evident that the agency has played a significant role in reducing public nuisance, especially in regard to noise.

In terms of resource use, it is obvious that since 2007, spending by the department has been on the rise, yet the department is generating very little. This indicates inefficient allocation of resources by the organization. As much as the population that is being served has increased, rising expenses, the same is expected to result to increase in revenues by the department, as people who are expected to pay such fees goes up. The increase in expenses is ironical, since the level of personnel has reduced from 16,409 in 2007 to 15, 1660 in 2012. This fails to account for the accelerating rate of expenses in New York Police Department (NYPD, 2014).

Reporting Performance Information

The reporting of performance information is done by the organization in a very systematic manner. It presents year to year changes, indicating the progress that the department is making in curbing instances of crime in the state. The NYPD has adopted an analytical approach towards reporting of its performance, giving the users such information easier way of understanding the reports. In spite of this, some of the reports seem to be too subjective and may not be taken by the users of the report as having authority. For instance, the department does not indicate how it responds to critical and noncritical crime distress calls. At the same time, it fails to indicate how it determines the time taken for it to deliver services between one customer to another. This information is highly subjective and may not be relied on in decision making (Neergaard, & Ulhøi, 2007).


In conclusion, it is evident that reporting is important if organizations that are to adopt corrective actions on their operations. It enables organizations to identify the current and past status quo, as well as the need for improvement. It also enables organizations to assess whether they are making progress towards attainment of the organization mission, goals, and objectives. From the above presentation, it is clear that as much as New York Police Department has significantly made progress in other areas like traffic control and reduction of fatalities. However, it is yet to attain its mission of peaceful environment, where the life of New York residents is safeguarded.

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